GenAI is changing not only software development, but also workflows throughout entire organizations. Get ahead of the curve with Stride’s unique approach to GenAI - for products and for teams. We help you cut through the noise, regardless of where you are at in your GenAI journey

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Accelerate your GenAI Journey

Whether you need advice on how GenAI can help your organization, have the need for a GenAI POC or help your team incorporate GenAI into your workflows, Stride tailored GenAI approached will accelerate your journey

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Radically Increase Software Development Speed

Learn how to build new features in 10% of the time it takes experienced developers today (yes, this sounds fantastical but it’s reality - we’ll show you a demo and how we’ve done it)  on top of both greenfield and brownfield code bases with Stride’s unique CodeGen approach.

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Rethink Team Composition 

GenAI tools are changing the way we think about sprints, team composition, skill sets and more.  Our GenAI advisory ensures you are on the right track, so you can budget and plan, increasing team efficiency and decreasing costs in the near term.

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Identify Highest ROI Opportunities

Use Stride’s GenAI ROI calculator to help you identify the areas of your business where GenAI will have the greatest impact and help you save costs and drive growth.

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Drive Up User Adoption

It’s not enough to build a custom chatbot.  Learn how to focus on user experience for both internal and external tools to ensure high user adoption.

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The Stride GenAI Approach

From advisory, to ideation and development, Stride is your catalyst for GenAI advancement. We help you position your company at the vanguard of innovation. Stride doesn't just build software; we enhance and expand your vision, and upskill your team, ensuring your GenAI solutions leave a lasting impact. ‍

And, we’ve launched a series of bite-sized GenAI offerings - from the lightest touch of quarterly GenAI advisory, to 2 week use case identification, to 4 week LLM POC builds, to meet you where you are at. Of course, as always, customized to your needs and highly collaborative, transparent and iterative.

Stride Builds Secure, Trained LLM at CLEAR

Watch how Stride worked alongside Clear to launch a secure, customized,  LLM that has strengthened data security, and become a celebrated tool inside the company



What is a custom, secure LLM and why would my company need one?

A custom secure Large Language Model (LLM) is tailored to a company's specific requirements, ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance by operating entirely within the company's secure environment, with limited access to industry-specific knowledge and internal data sources. In some cases, a simple custom LLM can be built with off the shelf tools. In some cases, these tools aren’t scalable to more complex cases. Stride can help you parse what’s possible with the most cutting edge tools and what requires a human touch.


I can’t find a compelling use case for LLMs, can you help me with that?

Within a few brief working sessions, the Stride team will help align your stakeholders on a small set of prioritized ideas, and uncover forecasted ROI with each. The outcome is you walk away with either a compelling reason to build an LLM today OR a compelling reason not to.


Can Stride help us build LLMs for internal or external use?

Our clients are calling on Stride to build custom LLMs both for external (customer-facing) and internal use. LLMs are exceptional at analyzing data, structuring unstructured data, and making repetitive tasks quicker. As such, both tech and non tech teams alike are taking advantage of LLMs.


My team is already using GenAI, why would I need to bring in Stride?

Just like with software development, Agile transformation and more - Stride helps make good teams great. With GenAI, we bring deep, hands on experience deploying LLM-powered applications, managing LLM and machine learning infrastructure, and helping teams learn about GenAI and improve their workflows to take advantage. It’s crucial that your team gets GenAI right, and Stride can help avoid mistakes and setbacks that may lead to negative outcomes.


How quickly can Stride build a live LLM-powered solution?

It is now feasible to go from ideation to production in as little as 4-6 weeks. In some cases, even sooner. One the very first phone call with Stride, we’ll tell you more about the ins and outs of our unique process that involves identifying a high ROI use case, identifying what you can achieve with today’s cutting edge GenAI tools, and how to create an optimal UX that increases ease of use and adoption.


My company already has an AI partnership (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.).  How does Stride fit in?

For the past decade, Stride has been an industry leader in building upon and integrating with existing systems. We rapidly build custom LLM products that fully capitalize on all of the modern GenAI technology from not only the big players but also a broad array of tools and technologies.

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