GenAI Secure POC

Build GenAI inside your secure environment

Security and infrastructure considerations may require a customized approach to GenAI POCs.  Stride can build a GenAI POC in your secure cloud environment.

As with all Stride GenAI POCs, we will identify high value use cases, dive deep into your company's needs, and assess the potential of AI to meet your requirements.

Left side lines

This may be right for you if:

Right side lines
  • You need to test how GenAI can impact your business in a short time frame but need you need to use your own secure environment
  • You are NOT comfortable using open cloud LLM tools (OpenAI, GPTs, etc.) or transporting corporate data outside of your secure environments
  • You need to be able to “do more with less”
  • You don’t have capacity/expertise in house to build a high quality, rapid GenAI POC
  • You’re ready to try LLMs, but haven’t yet identified the highest ROI opportunities
  • You are seeking a lightweight way to showcase the potential ROI of GenAI to gain internal support before making a larger investment

What You Get

In 4-8 weeks, Stride walks you through ideation to delivery of your highest impact GenAI POCs, utilizing secure cloud tools:

  • Identification of 1-3 real world GenAI use cases specific to your own secure environment, including security constraints
  • All prototypes leverage secure cloud tools like Azure OpenAI Service, Google Gemini, Amazon Sagemaker, etc. as needed
  • For each use case, either:
  • A working GenAI POC/prototype, OR
  • Documentation of any limitations which prevent a working prototype

Your Partner in Transformation

Choosing Stride's Secure POC service means embarking on a partnership defined by mutual ambition and shared success. We're not just providing a service; we're offering a strategic collaboration that empowers you to lead in the digital age with generative AI. Our dedication to creating customized solutions, backed by proven outcomes and industry-leading expertise, ensures your GenAI journey is not only successful but exemplary.

Let us help you build a POC in your own secure environment

Putting Your Company’s Security First is our Highest Priorty

Stride's Secure Proof of Concept is a high impact low cost investment that makes sure we use your own secure environment and focus on the integrity of your data. We're providing you with more than just technology validation; we're empowering you with the capabilities you need to solve your business problems. Our GenAI expertise combined with our proven experience delivering effective transformation ensures that your GenAI investment yields real business value, all this in an extremely short turn around while using secure cloud tools like Azure OpenAI Service, Google Gemini, Amazon Sagemaker.

Stride Builds Secure, Trained LLM at CLEAR

Watch how Stride worked alongside CLEAR to launch a secure and customized LLM that has not only strengthened data security, but has also become a celebrated tool inside the company.


Five Frequently Asked Questions about Stride’s GenAI Secure POC

Will you use my corporate or customer data in these POCs?

Because our Secure POCs exist entirely within your secure environment, we can use whatever data we believe will best prove a given concept without violating your data security policies. If you prefer to redact PII or to create synthetic data, we can support that as well, but prefer to leave data in its original form for best results.

How will Stride secure my data?

We will use the best available secure LLM in your cloud environment; examples include Azure OpenAI Service, Google Gemini, and Amazon Titan.  We can also work with an internally hosted LLM (or stand one up) if you prefer.

How much time will you need from me or my team?

We will work with you to identify the right use case(s) for your POC, and to secure or create any required data, but Stride can largely take it from there without additional effort from your team.

What is the next step if the POC works?

Stride’s GenAI Productionalization offering can help you define and build a production-ready and scalable version of your POC in your secure environment.

What is the next step if the POC isn’t conclusive?

 Part of the deliverable of our POC process is analysis of the results, whether positive, negative or inconclusive.  We can help design additional experiments to answer your key POC questions and position you for future investment.