Measuring Team Effectiveness

Are you aware of the processes holding your team back? Do your team commitments never fully pan out? You may have a talented team with unknown blockers or not know what parts of your process are hurting your success.

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Understand how your teams drive your outcomes (or don’t)

Measuring team effectiveness can be very difficult, as it depends heavily on the day to day processes your teams follow, the way you set and measure goals, etc.  Are you aware of the processes which may be holding your team back? Do your teams have trouble meeting commitments to time, scope, or quality? You may need help identifying the key elements which contribute to team success and failure.

Highlight what your team is doing well, and where to improve 

Stride’s team of product, engineering, and design experts will examine how your team works to find inefficiencies, dependencies and blockers. Through process mapping exercises, you can craft a holistic visual of your processes that can be used to create meaningful change.


In this personalized half-day workshop, our Striders will:

  1. Map out your current team processes 
  2. Analyze the mapping with an eye towards identifying areas for improvement
  3. Synthesize insights for a summary of your team’s blockers 


You will walk away from this workshop with:

  1. A comprehensive process map for your team(s)
  2. Specific suggestions for where process can be improved
  3. Highlights of process areas that will need additional thought and consideration

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