Product Visioning

Need help aligning your organization around a product idea? You may be struggling to get buy-in for your product strategy and need some help making it compelling.

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Align your team and stakeholders around your product strategy

Getting your internal teams aligned around a product strategy or roadmap can be extremely challenging. You need to illustrate how your plans and ideas will drive the outcome the business wants, and win hearts and minds along the way.  

Stride’s product vision workshop helps ensure that your teams and stakeholders are on the same page, and that their ideas and concerns have been heard and addressed so you can move forward with confidence.

Effective product strategy begins with vision

Stride’s team of product and design experts take your plans and ideas and co-create a product vision that your organization can rally behind. From there, we point you in the right direction to effectively prioritize your plans and ideas, create your roadmap and measure your outcomes.


In this personalized half-day workshop, our Striders will:

  1. Interview your team to gain empathy for your business and its goals
  2. Facilitate product envisioning exercises that align to your larger strategy
  3. Synthesize insights for intentional next steps


You will walk away from the workshop with:

  1. A product strategy canvas that incorporates vision, customers and customer needs, and desired outcomes
  2. A framework for an outcome-based product roadmap, where you can prioritize your top features, ideas and projects
  3. A set of next steps to help keep you aligned – insights about your product or process, assumptions to be validated, etc.

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