Stride's LLM Crash Course

You've heard of ChatGPT and LLMs. Now, take the next step in your learning and evolve your AI knowledge by understanding the changing landscape so you can stay ahead of the curve. Position yourself for the future.

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What's in the LLM Crash Course?

If you’re interested in learning more about LLMs, or how you can build custom LLM solutions to accelerate your team's delivery - this is a great place to start.

Stride's Definitive LLM Crash Course provides comprehensive insights into Large Language Models (LLMs).

You’ll learn the fundamentals, recent advances, and current state of LLMs, as well as practical advice from Stride on building LLM-powered applications.

This crash course will also help you better understand information around building on foundational models with APIs, coding frameworks, and fine-tuning. 

Stride Conductor will amplify your team's productivity with LLMs. Let us show you how.