User Centered Design

Do you know you have usability problems, but you’re not sure what they are or how to solve them? Or maybe you have a new idea, and need help ensuring you understand your target audience, and how best to help them?

Bringing in a user experience expert is key to ensuring you’re solving the right problems, and therefore building the right solution.

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Ensure that you’re building the right things for the right people

Product usability is a function of great design and a strong understanding of customers and their needs. Stride’s user experience experts can help you understand your users, and design solutions that solve their most important problems.

User-centered design thinking

Stride’s team of product and design experts apply user-centered design thinking to help you ensure your product is solving real problems and delighting users. We employ a data-driven approach and help you create hypotheses to test with real users of your product. You’ll come away from this workshop with an actionable plan to conduct further research and testing to validate your hypotheses and assumptions. This will ensure you’re building the right thing for the right people.


In this personalized half-day workshop, our Striders will:

  1. Extrapolate and refine problems that need to be solved
  2. Hypothesize solutions to those problems based on assumptions
  3. Synthesize insights for a recommended research plan to validate hypotheses


You will walk away from this workshop with:

  1. Your most important user personas and their most important problems
  2. A short list of hypothesized solutions to these problems
  3. A proposal for how to conduct the right research to test our hypotheses/assumptions

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