GenAI Advisory

Guidance that drives your GenAI strategy forward!

Build & validate your GenAI strategy with unbiased 3rd party experts.  Stride has deep expertise with GenAI across various industries, and can help you cut through all the GenAI noise, empower your people and align your strategy to get the most out of your GenAI investments.

We Know Your Challenges First Hand!  We Can Help With These and More...


  • Strategy - I’ve been tasked by my board/CEO to build a GenAI strategy
  • “Quick Wins” - I need to identify quick GenAI wins, and don’t know where to start
  • Transformation - I need help aligning my company strategy, peers, processes and people to benefit from GenAI


  • Operational Efficiency - I’m reading all these studies and articles about efficiency gains/cost cutting from AI, but don’t know how to bring it to my organization

CPOs / GMs / Business Leads

  • Profitability - I read on HBR that AI can increase my profitability, but don’t know how
  • Funding - I need to be able to say our product/business uses AI to help get more funding (internally or externally)
  • Marketing - I need to find ways to improve the  marketing of my product/business with AI
  • Improve Product - I want to use GenAI to enhance my product, but I don’t know where it fits best

What You Get

A Stride team meets with you every two weeks for 1-2 hours, to help with your top priority GenAI needs, including:

  • Value stream mapping / Story mapping exercises to uncover GenAI opportunities and quick wins
  • GenAI Strategic Roadmap (Crawl - Walk - Run)
  • Playbooks to empower your organization to execute
  • Training plan, materials & sessions to upskill your teams
  • Regular deep dive sessions on relevant topics as they evolve

Your Partner in Transformation

Choosing Stride's Advisory service means embarking on a partnership defined by mutual ambition and shared success. We're not just providing a service; we're offering a strategic collaboration that empowers you to lead in the digital age with generative AI. Our dedication to creating customized solutions, backed by proven outcomes and industry-leading expertise, ensures your GenAI journey is not only successful but exemplary.

Real Results, Real Impact, Right Now

The time to invest in GenAI is now.

Yet, it’s easy to get caught in the excitement and run a million miles in the wrong direction.

Whether you are just getting started or have a full in-house GenAI team, Stride helps you identify your highest-return initiatives and meets you where you are at in your GenAI journey.

We know that all results are not equal.  That’s why Stride guides you to maximize productivity, reduce operational cost, and increase customer engagement, all while future proofing your GenAI investment.

Get started with GenAI Advisory today

Informed Decision Making

Developing a successful GenAI strategy depends on in-depth knowledge of the GenAI landscape. Our strategic insights, based on intensive research and testing in our labs, show you how to use GenAI technology to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. We equip your leadership team with the knowledge necessary to align your entire organization on GenAI and ensure your business keeps pace with the evolving market landscape.

Stride's Vision for Your Success

At Stride, we see the adoption of GenAI as a pivotal shift towards future-proofing your business. To build momentum with GenAI, it is critical to invest in high-return initiatives over low-value research. Develop a well-informed strategy by taking advantage of industry expertise to guide you on where GenAI can be leveraged to achieve the most productivity enhancements, operational cost reductions, and elevated customer engagement.

Like most companies, we were curious & excited about LLMs. We were having a lot informal chats, sharing the latest articles and even did a few spikes. In 6 weeks, Stride empowered the delivery of a fully secure & hosted LLM that allowed our teams to safely start solving business use cases with LLMs - just in time for an upcoming hackathon!”
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Nick Peddy, CTO, CLEAR


Some Frequently Asked Questions about GenAI

Can you share examples of outcomes of advisories from other clients?

Yes, of course; we can make references and case studies available upon request.

How should we think about the scope of an advisory engagement?

Advisory engagements are intended to keep you up to speed on the rapid pace of change in LLM technology. Rather than a firehose, you can expect a manageable stream of information and ideas that are useful to you and your business. We won’t be building anything (that’s for our POC and Productionalization engagements) but we can recommend tools and techniques and help you organize your internal efforts. And of course if you do want to build or POC something, Stride is here to help.

Will this advisory engagement focus on technology in the weeds, rather than delivering business value?

No – in fact, we believe that the best approach is to teach our customers how to apply AI tools, rather than understand all the implementation details. Concepts are extremely important, but our engagements are structured to help apply those concepts in context of your business problems.

Will the advisory speak to all aspects of an organization, or just the technology teams?

We can tailor the advisory to part or all of your org, as you see fit. We believe the biggest changes in most organizations will be to workflows and roles/responsibilities, and that the impact to culture wil be significant. We believe technology education is crucial, but needs to be applied to business and people in tangible ways.

Will Stride help me present this to my leadership team, so they can understand the opportunities for their own teams?

Of course!  We see the advisory as an opportunity to make an investment case, either for a POC or Secure POC, or for a larger engagement around Productionalization or CodeGen.  We will support you in whatever way best articulates the value of GenAI to your peers and stakeholders.