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Episode after episode, you'll hear top tech leaders and experts in their fields sharing first-hand successes, failures, and lessons learned about the topics that are a high priority for today’s tech teams.

Let the technology leaders of our time share first-hand stories of successes, failures, and lessons learned as they lead and grow their teams amid an ever-changing landscape.

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English is the New Python
Remote Work 3 Years Later
How to Enter an Industry as a Tech Leader Where you are NOT a Domain Expert
How to Create a Culture of Performance in Teams
The Critical Role of Financial Literacy for Tech Leaders
How Spotify Optimizes Platform Reuse for Operational Efficiency
Mastering Agile Kata with Joe Krebs
Conway’s Law and Breaking Down Dev Team Silo
Scaling Tech Teams To Stand the Test of Time
Building a Tech Stack For Your Startup
What It's Like To Be A Female Founder
The DevSecOps Playbook: Deliver Continuous Security at Speed
Building a High-Performing Product and Technology Organization
IBM's Retrospective Radar
The Chicken Story
Transparency in Technology
How To Beat Burnout
Balancing Tech Proficiency and Stakeholder Goals
Going from CTO to Business Operations
Making Performance Management a Top Priority
The Path to Becoming a CTO
Onshore vs Offshore Hiring in a Hybrid World
Scaling Innovation at Etsy
How to Be a Good Partner to Your Vendor
Stage Appropriate Processes with Don Neufeld
LLM Transformation is the new Digital Transformation
Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative
AGILE Fluency with Diana Larsen
Value Stream Mapping to Improve Product Development
Introducing Scaling Tech
Outcomes Over Output with Josh Seiden
Expanding Customer Segmentation with Mike Boufford
Creating Effective OKRs with Jeff Gothelf
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