Custom Software Development

Built right and built to last.

Great products and great teams go hand in hand. We'll help you bring quality products to market, while ensuring your team is set up for success.

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Software robust enough to stand the test of time, and nimble enough to evolve.

Striders are experts at crafting tailor-made applications perfectly aligned with your business goals. Rather than making assumptions or applying one-size-fits-all solutions, we take a product-centric approach that begins by asking the right questions. The result is software that hits your delivery goals today, while being built to scale and evolve — delivering on the needs of your team, users, and business for the long term.

Our Process

Stride takes an iterative approach to software delivery work, using progressive Agile and XP practices. We build software right — getting high-quality, working software in the hands of stakeholders and users as quickly as possible. We do that by building iteratively, making our work visible, incorporating feedback and evolving features as needed over time.


Here's what you can expect while working with our highly collaborative, cross functional agile teams:

  • Co-create your software within your existing technology organization 
  • Learn, implement and adjust best practices to upskill your team 
  • We'll adjust and adapt the practices to what makes sense for your teams
  • Transition the development of the product to your team with a plan to scale

Let's collaborate.