Team Assessment

Is your team facing roadblocks preventing you from consistently reaching your goals? We'll get to the root of the issue and identify factors that might be impeding your success — so you can bring out the best in your people and boost your productivity.

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Our comprehensive audit works fast to help your team run smoother. In just 4-6 weeks, we'll partner with you to identify hidden obstacles, and uncover root causes of team inefficiencies and opportunities to evolve. The result is an unbiased, third party audit into what's actually happening beneath the surface on your team — and recommendations for performing at peak efficiency. Every audit Stride creates is personalized, designed to work for your goals and ensure a smooth adoption.

Our Process

Our three-step approach to team assessment ensures we understand the current context of your team and design solutions tailored to that context.


You'll work with a cross-functional pair of Striders — one expert Agile engineer and one expert product practitioner. Together with your team, we'll leverage a 3-step “Triple A” approach to deliver a tailored team assessment:

Align on Objectives

  • Define and align on assessment goals and measures of success
  • Create assessment plan with activities tailored to your needs and goals

Assess Current State

Lead activities, per your tailored plan, which may include:

  • Conducting 1:1 interviews
  • Observing your team’s ways of working
  • Reviewing your team’s artifacts, products, and technology

Apply Our Learnings

  • Prioritized list of insights and recommendations
  • Report on strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats
  • Plan with scenarios on how to execute recommendations

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