Product Discovery

Struggling to understand your user needs or where to take your product? Whether you're building something new or scaling an existing product, we can help make sure you're on the right path to delivering lasting value to your business and your users.

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Gone are the days of months-long discovery processes. In 4-6 weeks, Stride’s team of product, design and engineering experts will work with you to rapidly create an outcome-based plan that's validated by the market and unbiased experts. We’ll help you unpack your product problems and determine whether your idea is worth building or if you need a pivot. You'll walk away with a well-defined path forward that aligns with your business goals, solves user needs, and prioritizes where to invest your time and capital to maximize your results. And because our roots are in custom software delivery, we have the chops to not only guide your product discovery but to help you build out your product should you need the support.

Our Process

Our iterative discovery process is designed to ask the right questions to deliver insights, fast.


We’ll craft a customized plan to meet your needs, and partner with you to:

  • Refine your existing product vision and strategy to better align with your business goals
  • Research user pain points to identify growth opportunities both within existing customer segments and potentially new ones
  • Craft a feasible agile product plan to develop your product either through MVP or through your upcoming milestone
  • Develop initial estimates for sizing and orders of magnitude

We'll work with you to craft a schedule that meets your needs and fits your availability.

Let's collaborate.