Staff Augmentation

Whether you're seeking flexible capacity or senior engineers, product managers or designers, Striders dive deep into your domain and ramp up quickly to help get your product to market fast — while modeling best practices to upskill your team for the long-term. Includes kicker, title, subtext.

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Sometimes you need more hands on deck, new skillsets, or different perspective to meet the demands of a project. Often, you need support quickly, without the time or financial investment of hiring full-time employees. Stride's skilled software engineers, product managers, designers, and dev-ops engineers are ready to meet you where you're at and seamlessly integrate with your team. As expert collaborators as well as  non-dogmatic technologists, we'll always make decisions with you—not for you. And no matter how big or small the project, teams that partner with Stride emerge changed for the better. Because we teach as we build, helping our clients unlock smoother processes, stronger communication, and more productive teams.

Our Process

Staff Augmentation enables you to flexibly scale your team when an urgent need emerges, and roll us off when it's no longer pressing. At Stride, we're experts at onboarding and adapting to new teams and contexts while contributing our own knowledge and expertise. The software development practices we embrace — like testing, pair programming, Dual Track Agile, and domain-driven design — model best practices in engineering, design, and product to your team. So our expertise stays and scales with you long after we're gone.


  • Define your team, organization, and business needs in order to understand where Striders can add the most value
  • Identify the right expertise based on the needs of your team
  • Integrate seamlessly, working hand-in-hand with your team to deliver on upcoming milestones and train on skills that will provide value long after we're gone

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