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LLM Crash Course (guidebook)

Stride's LLM Crash Course is designed to get you up to speed on the fundamentals, recent advances, and current state of LLMs. You'll also have practical advice from Stride on building LLM-powered applications.

6 Week LLM Jumpstart

Understand cost, performance, resource needs and time to market for LLM-powered applications with Stride's 6 Week LLM Jumpstart program.

If you only read one thing about AI this week...

Stride's AI/LLM Practice Lead, Dan Mason, recommends one thing to read each week to bring you up to speed on LLMs. Here are a few of the most popular posts:

September 29, 2023
ChatGPT can now see, hear and speak
Original author:
August 25, 2023
Now is the time for grimoires
Original author:
Ethan Mollick
August 18, 2023
Open Challenges in LLM Research
Original author:
Chip Huyen
August 11, 2023
You’re Not Using ChatGPT Wrong
Original author:
The AI Exchange
July 21, 2023
GenZ is headed for Career Calamity
Original author:
Ed Zitron
July 6, 2023
The Rise of the AI Engineer
Original author:
June 16, 2023
SVPG: Preparing for the Future
Original author:
Marty Cagan
May 26, 2023
On-boarding your AI intern
Original author:
Ethan Mollick

AI/LLM Practice Lead

Dan Mason, Stride's AI Practice Lead

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