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Position your company at the vanguard of innovation. Stride doesn't just build software; we enhance and expand your vision, ensuring your GenAI solutions leave a lasting impact.

Why Stride for GenAI

Our partnership is a catalyst for growth, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills to not only refine current projects but also to independently spearhead future GenAI initiatives. With Stride, you fast-track your path to technological leadership and foster a legacy of continuous innovation.


Navigate the complex world of GenAI with ease, guided by Stride's GenAI Advisory service.

Create a GenAI POC in your secure cloud environment, meeting both your security and infrastructure requirements.

Uncover and define specific, practical applications for Generative AI in your business, ensuring a targeted and effective AI strategy.

Embark on a journey to host, configure, and seamlessly blend LLM-powered applications into your environment.

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Ideation is the Spark of Innovation

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Navigate the complex world of GenAI with ease, guided by Stride's seasoned experts through our GenAI Advisory service. Benefit from monthly check-ins, where our specialists serve as your strategic sounding board, helping you focus on what truly matters in the GenAI landscape.

  • Expert Guidance: Monthly consultations with GenAI professionals.
  • Strategic Insight: Cutting through the noise to identify key opportunities.
  • Focused Approach: Concentrating on impactful, relevant GenAI developments

Dive into the tangible world of AI with our GenAI POC service, where your high value use cases take a definitive shape.

Use case identification with Stride is a critical step in the ideation process, where we uncover and define specific, practical applications for Generative AI in your business. This process involves a deep dive into your company's needs and the potential of AI to meet these requirements, ensuring a targeted and effective AI strategy.

With use cases in hand, our team, adept in the latest Generative AI tools, swiftly crafts a functional OpenAI Assistant prototype, turning your AI aspirations into practical reality.


Security and infrastructure considerations may require a more customized approach to GenAI POCs.  Stride can build a GenAI POC in your secure cloud environment.

As with all Stride GenAI POCs, we will identify high value use cases, dive deep into your company's needs, and assess the potential of AI to meet your requirements.  We will then build a POC using best of breed tools available in your cloud – Azure OpenAI Service, Google Gemini, Amazon Bedrock/Sagemaker, etc. – and leverage your data and infrastructure to make it as compelling as possible.


Embark on a journey of innovation with our service tailored for businesses eager to integrate and operate an LLM within their ecosystem, safely and securely. Learn how to host, configure, and seamlessly blend LLM-powered applications into your environment, unlocking new dimensions of technological advancement and operational efficiency.

  • PoC Product Vision Board: Strategic roadmap alignment.
  • Aligned Working Software with LLM Integration
  • Data Ingestion/Integration
  • Design Mockups & User Flows
  • Comprehensive Documentation & Training Material
  • Future Enhancement Mockups: Preparing for next-gen upgrades.

Stride’s multi-agent framework fundamentally transforms software development. Our approach leverages the collaborative power of multiple LLM agents, each contributing uniquely to the software creation process. This synergy of AI agents enables you to build sophisticated, efficient software solutions, redefining the capabilities of AI in software engineering.

Real Results, Real Impact, Right Now

The time to invest in GenAI is now.

Yet, it’s easy to get caught in the excitement and run a million miles in the wrong direction.

Whether you are just getting started or have a full in-house GenAI team, Stride helps you identify your highest-return initiatives and meets you where you are at in your GenAI journey.

We know that all results are not equal.  That’s why Stride guides you to maximize productivity, reduce operational cost, and increase customer engagement, all while future proofing your GenAI investment.

Responsible GenAI

Stride is committed to the responsible use of GenAI.  In all of our engagements (GenAI and otherwise), we affirm that:

  • Your data belongs to you, and you alone, and will always be handled responsibly and securely.
  • GenAI tools and systems will always be deployed in a way that keeps humans in the loop, and empowers humans to intervene when needed.
  • Everything GenAI systems do must be observable and auditable.
  • All members of a team, whether human or GenAI, will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • GenAI systems should be designed and leveraged to enhance and empower your human team members to do their best work.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about GenAI

What’s the difference between GenAI and traditional AI/ML?

Traditional AI and machine learning is essentially pattern recognition at scale. ML can be used in various predictive settings, but it typically requires customized training and rarely applies to anything it hasn’t been specifically trained on.

GenAI builds on traditional ML – you can do a lot of the same things, like predictions based on data – but it doesn’t usually need specific training on your data set, and it adds the ability to create new digital assets upon request. This applies to all sorts of asset types – text, images, videos, code – and can be applied in some way in almost any business setting.

Why should I invest in GenAI right now?  Shouldn’t I wait until things settle down?

Learning to use GenAI and to leverage it for your business requires a focused investment of time and effort.  Even if the technology evolves and improves, the investment in figuring out how it might work in your environment is worth making now.  And if you do find a way to drive ROI, the benefits of that optimization will start to compound as soon as you get started.  You also don’t want to lag your competitors, who may figure out how to optimize their workflows and products before you do.

Do I need to build, train or host my own LLM?

Generally speaking, no. The only people who need a custom hosted or fine-tuned LLM are either working with highly unusual data sets, have cost considerations that make cloud solutions too expensive, or security concerns that take cloud off the table. For most internal use cases (knowledge bases, code generation, content creation) off-the-shelf LLMs are going to be fine.

How do I control costs?  Aren’t LLMs expensive?

As noted above, costs can be an issue, but typically only if security considerations require you to host your own model or if you are running at consumer scale.  We can help predict costs by calculating expected usage over time, and match those costs to technical solution requirements.

How do I keep up with the latest advances?  Won’t I just have to rebuild this in a few months when things change?

The best thing about LLMs is that they will improve on their own!  Stride can help you balance expected model evolution with pure infrastructure investments that will apply to any LLM-powered application stack.  Of course you don’t want to overbuild your plumbing, but good architecture makes it easier to leverage the power of LLMs.