GenAI Productionalization

Bring your prototypes to production

Fully integrate and operate LLM technology within your ecosystem, safely and securely.  Stride wil configure, and seamlessly blend LLM powered applications into your operational environment, and unlock your team’s ability to capitalize on GenAI for efficiency and impact.

Supporting the Needs & Challenges of every C-Level Executive in your Organization


  • Increased revenues
  • Customer acquisition
  • Driving innovation


  • Realize cost reductions


  • Accelerate migration off of legacy systems
  • Increase team efficiency
  • Reduce long-term maintenance costs
  • Attract and retain talent


  • Improve customer adoption, satisfaction, and retention

What You Get

Striders work alongside your team, delivering high quality products and upskilling your team. Outcomes can include:

  • Spike or Secure Spike brought up to production level, fully connected to production data sources
  • Working LLM infrastructure and applications
  • Cloud cost computations and plan of action
  • Bespoke user experiences to enable both technical and non technical users to easily use the tools
  • Security audits and action plans
  • Tooling and monitoring
  • Observability and testing framework for deployed apps
  • Playbooks to empower organization to execute
  • Training plan, materials & sessions to upskill your people
  • Agent creation, configuration, architecture and optimization
  • Integrating GenAI into a traditional technical architecture

Your Partner in Transformation

Choosing Stride's Productionalization offer means embarking on a partnership defined by mutual ambition and shared success. We're not just providing a service; we're offering a strategic collaboration that empowers you to lead in the digital age with generative AI. Our dedication to creating customized solutions, backed by proven outcomes and industry-leading expertise, ensures your GenAI journey is not only successful but exemplary.

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The Stride Advantage

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Stride's unique advantage lies in our deep understanding of Generative AI's transformative power and our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of new technology adoption ensures you receive not only the tools but also the strategic framework to thrive. With Stride, concerns about maintaining pace with change,

Let us help you productionalize your GenAI investments today

Real Impact, Real Results

Stride promises and delivers substantial outcomes: productivity enhancements, operational cost reductions, and elevated customer engagement. By leveraging GenAI tools efficiently within your existing architecture, we ensure cost-effective solutions that are both impactful and sustainable. Our expertise enables your teams to confidently maintain and enhance GenAI tools, fostering a culture of innovation and retention. The development team's capability to produce more features without additional costs, coupled with higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and increased customer acquisition, marks a new era of growth and success for your business.

Like most companies, we were curious & excited about LLMs. We were having a lot informal chats, sharing the latest articles and even did a few spikes. In 6 weeks, Stride empowered the delivery of a fully secure & hosted LLM that allowed our teams to safely start solving business use cases with LLMs - just in time for an upcoming hackathon!”
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Nick Peddy, CTO, CLEAR


Five Frequently Asked Questions about Stride’s Productionalization

My team doesn't know how to operate or implement LLMs; will that block us from moving forward?

Stride has developed expertise across multiple LLM client engagements in a variety of environments.  We have experience implementing and operating LLMs in all major clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku and more) and can educate and upskill your team as needed.

We have a lack of internal experience and expertise, will that hold us back?

Stride has developed a variety of training materials and processes to help bring your team up to speed on LLM technology in general, as well as on the particularities of LLM ops in your cloud of choice.

How will I keep up with the pace of change?

By working with Stride!  Yes, things are changing incredibly quickly, but the cost of waiting is even higher – by working to get LLMs into your critical environments now, you’ll learn how to work with them and will be better able to take advantage of advances in technology as they happen.

New technology may present mission critical risks, how can you help me get comfortable managing them?

Stride has deep experience building and operating in secure, often regulated environments, and we bring our security best practices to every LLM engagement. We can help your teams craft a strategy for observability, regular testing, data security, and more.

I am concerned about the quality, verifiability, accuracy (hallucinations) of GenAI - is it ready for primetime?

We have been working with LLMs since their emergence and have developed many strategies for improving output to meet the needs of your use case. Sometimes hallucination is great (for creative uses!) and in other cases it needs to be prevented and tested for (coding, financial data, etc.). We can help you craft the appropriate level of accuracy and observability to help your organization get comfortable and take advantage.