AGILE Fluency with Diana Larsen

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May 23, 2023

How do tech leaders learn to lead without blame? Today's guest is Diana Larsen, a truly dynamic and inspirational woman who works with global organizations designing high-performance work systems, and innovating team effectiveness – a theme that is top of mind for most businesses these days. 

We are chatting about the AGILE fluency model, how Diana supports business leaders in their transition to AGILE methods, and her latest book ‘Lead Without Blame – Building Resilient Learning Teams.’

All of Diana's books are required reading for anyone wanting to up their AGILE game. Her insights into how teams work through the prism of the AGILE fluency model are fascinating, as is her view on how leadership is changing as our technological world is changing. I trust you will enjoy this episode. 

 "It starts with the leaders. Because somebody's gotta at least make that stab in the dark to figure out 'Where are we?... Where do we think we are?... and Where are we really?' - Diana Larsen

In This Episode:

  • What is the AGILE fluency model?
  • Is there a 'target' team for the AGILE fluency model?
  • Who decides what level of fluency is for them? 
  • What does Diana see happening when a team member is added?
  • A success story of a business that has employed Diana's model
  • How do you avoid complacency once you've implemented AGILE fluency? 
  • How we cultivate more resilient teams - insights from Diana’s new book

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