How To Beat Burnout

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October 12, 2023

How do you tell if you have burnout? Are there key milestones that you should look out for on the way down? And are there healthy indicators to celebrate your recovery? 

Aldric Giacomoni has been a member of the New York Tech scene for over 15 years and is an old friend and colleague of host Debbie Madden. He also suffered recently from burnout, and in today's episode of Scaling Tech, he's candidly sharing what got him through it in a highly relatable episode. 

From early warning signs and misdiagnoses, through to the power of having candid conversations with people who know you well enough to point out when something seems amiss, there is almost a methodology of steps and repeatable processes that you can apply as you learn to take care of yourself in the same way as you would your business. 

Discover what helped Aldric tackle the pile of dirty laundry, get back to job hunting, and beat the pandemic blues in this episode of Scaling Tech that seeks to prioritize mental health by starting a conversation. Please join us.

 "I had an outsized emotional response to a question that was not particularly emotionally charged. And that's when I realized: this is probably burnout."  ~ Aldric Giacomoni

In This Episode:

  • When do you know that you have burnout?
  • What are the misdiagnoses with burnout?
  • The importance of having meaningful conversations with people who know you
  • Why you should get preemptive professional therapeutic help
  • The power of a regular meditation practice
  • What are the milestones as you start to recover from burnout?
  • Seeing burnout recovery through the lens of repeatable processes

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