Introducing Scaling Tech

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May 2, 2023

Are you a CTO, Chief Product Officer, or Tech leader? Have you been missing all the good things – the passion, the curiosity, the innovation, and the camaraderie – that came from tech conferences since the pandemic took its toll on live events? If so, fear not! I am here to bring the tech industry to your home. 

I'm Debbie Madden, a serial tech entrepreneur and the host of Scaling Tech. Each week I will be interviewing tech leaders as we focus on one key topic, and they share their successes and failures – knowledge that you can then apply to your business and share with your team. 

In this introductory episode, I lay out my plan on how you, as a tech leader, can apply today’s best practices to lead a high-functioning tech team in an ever-changing tech landscape. I'm excited for this journey – let's dive in!

"If we can't bring the tech leaders to the network, we're gonna bring the network to the tech leaders." - Debbie Madden

In This Episode:
- Appreciating Debbie's history in the tech industry
- Why Learning is more important NOW than ever for the next generation of tech leaders
- What can we expect from Debbie's new show? 

Let's collaborate.