The Path to Becoming a CTO

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August 17, 2023

What is it like to take seven months and interview literally hundreds of founders and co-founders of businesses before taking your next job as a CTO?

This is the fascinating story of JP Grace, a seasoned engineering leader who's paved his way in the tech industry with his ability to drive business growth and positive change.

JP Grace is the current CTO of Endear, where he's assisting omnichannel retail brands in driving sales with an easy-to-implement clienteling platform.

How he got to where he is today is a lesson for aspiring CTOs in being intentional about what they want from their next job – and the lengths they are prepared to go to get it.

For JP, this involved reaching out to his network, chatting with VCs, and taking countless interviews just to see if that next company could be the right fit. Along the way, he learned how to incorporate interview feedback so that he could tell his story in a more impactful manner.

Learn what chopping wood meant to JP as he figured out how to present his best self and prepare for when the stars aligned with the right career opportunity.

Your career trajectory can take off too with the intentionality and directionality that JP and host Debbie Madden are astutely discussing in this entertaining episode of Scaling Tech.

"You have to spend a couple of hours a week just researching opportunities and understanding 'Is there a business here? What is this company actually doing?'" - JP Grace

  • How JP first got inspired by technology and making new things out of nothing
  • What JP learned from interviewing hundreds of business founders over a period of 7 months
  • Paying attention to how your message is resonating with the people you're speaking to
  • Learning how to wait for the right opportunity to present itself
  • What advice does JP have for aspiring CTOs?

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