Scaling Tech Teams To Stand the Test of Time

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February 2, 2024

Given the challenging times that we live in, how do we scale tech teams that stand the test of time? Brian Lanehart is President, CTO, Chief Risk Officer, & Co-Founder at Momnt

Pronounced 'moment', Momnt is a fintech platform that makes lending easy for your business and financing easy for your customers. 

Launching in March of 2020, this is a fascinating story that involves coders answering phones to deal with customers while building out their roadmap and starting to scale on the eve of a global pandemic.

Brian's experience, coupled with his co-founders' investment in company culture, holds the key to how Momnt has been able to scale so quickly. 

Today's episode of Scaling Tech covers everything from trauma bonding to the intersection between data models and generative AI, not to mention an appreciation of the holistic approach that is required to build a team (and data model) that is robust enough to stand the test of time.

"I'm gonna take all the complexity on the delivery team so the user's perspective can be as simple as humanly possible. And so every time we make a decision: is this going to make someone's life better, more secure, faster, or easier? That was the decision driver." ~ Brian Lanehart

In This Episode:

  • How do you build in preparation for a fast scale?
  • Momnt's lean, phone-answering team at launch 
  • Can novice entrepreneurs pull off coding this complex?
  • Overcoming the burden of legacy code
  • How is generative AI changing things?
  • How has rapid growth affected employee morale? 
  • Creating a culture that allows you to go off-script
  • What is critical to Momnt's success going forward?

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