Mastering Agile Kata with Joe Krebs

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February 28, 2024

How can we effect change in our tech teams to become more agile? Perhaps you've tried Scrum Agile and found that you're stuck with new vocabulary for the same old problems. If so, you may be ready for Agile Kata! 

Originating in martial arts, a 'Kata' involves deliberate, repetitive practice to master a form. By practicing business agility with Agile Kata, an organization can build new habits and skills to shift a corporate culture. It certainly worked for Toyota.

Today's guest is Joe Krebs, the creator of the Agile Kata certification program, host of the podcast, and founder of Incrementor which specializes in agile training. 

There couldn't be a more knowledgeable person to speak on the virtues of Agile Kata than Joe!  

Today's episode is sure to make you consider how you can incorporate the patterns of change management into your tech team and business! It's a fresh, hot topic that we are sure you will enjoy. Please join us.

"You can see it (Agile Kata) as a pattern of change management towards any kind of agility." ~ Joe Krebs

In This Episode:

  • What is Agile Kata? 
  • Agile Kata, Step One
  • How to get from your current condition to your target condition
  • How to combine Agile Kata with Scrum
  • How to use Agile Kata instead of Scrum
  • Agile Kata as a grassroots movement
  • Where does Agile Kata fit in with OKRs?
  • How do I know if I need Agile Kata for my tech team?
  • Do you need an Agile Kata coach for implementation?

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