Remote Work 3 Years Later

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May 24, 2024

Remote work became increasingly attractive to employees after the pandemic because of its flexibility. Consequently, organizations now have easy access to the best talents worldwide. However, managers have to constantly deal with the overlap of the employees’ home and work life.

How can managers help remote workers achieve work-life balance and create objective performance measures to optimize their productivity? Today’s guest has valuable insights for managing remote teams.

Sean Campbell, CEO and founder of Cascade Insights, is a well-regarded consultant, speaker, author, trainer, mentor, and educator. Sean shares insights on remote work productivity and work-life balance tips from his expertise in leading remote companies for over 24 years.


He emphasizes the need for managers to master asynchronous communication and remote workers to sharpen their writing skills. In addition, companies should adapt hiring and management strategies to the remote work model and invest in their digital footprint.

Sean also underscores the need for clear performance measures and the importance of embracing flexibility while setting reasonable business constraints to ensure productivity and employee satisfaction in remote settings.

If you're grappling with dwindling productivity among your remote workers or seeking practical strategies to help your employees achieve a healthier work-life balance, this episode is for you!

"I think no matter the size of the firm, you absolutely have to invest in your digital footprint because that's how everybody finds you now. " ~ Sean Campbell

In This Episode:

  • Sean’s 24-year journey, and the evolution of remote work
  • The importance of a strong digital footprint 
  • Eras of remote work: From impossible to hybrid
  • Best practices for managing remote workers
  • Tips for balancing work and home life for remote employees

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