Building a High-Performing Product and Technology Organization

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December 8, 2023

What does it take to build a high-performing technology organization? For Nick Maiello, it's a combination of data-driven decision-making, having cross-functional teams, and getting your culture right. 

And Nick should know. He has a range of experience, from starting technology companies to scaling out multiple digital transformations in a number of different industries, including consumer travel and e-commerce. 

Currently the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Chargely, Nick goes so far as to say that the term 'technology organization' is an outdated one. 

We should be 'cutting edge organizations' as we leverage technology and other tools at our disposal to adopt a customer-centric approach to our businesses. 

Once you understand your company's 'why', what qualities should you look for when hiring talent to navigate technology's changing landscape? And when it comes to software solutions, do you custom-build or go for off-the-shelf? 

Balancing the long-term plan with being iterative, and learning to stay the course with a strong leadership team are more of the ingredients required for a high-performing organization. 

Debbie and Nick show that when efficiency is driven by necessity, things start to click. Please join us on this week's impactful episode of Scaling Tech! 

"Embracing P&T (Product and Technology) means embracing a customer-centric approach. Understanding the priorities of the customer comes first and you do this using customer feedback and data analytics." ~ Nick Maiello

In This Episode:

  • How can companies embrace the role of Product and Technology in today's digital landscape? 
  • How can big-picture thinking benefit software engineering solutions?
  • Why is there a need to shift towards custom-built, cutting-edge technologies?
  • Understanding 'Build, Borrow, or Buy'
  • Why you need passionate people on board for your digital transformation
  • Is software eating the world? 
  •  The importance of being lean and fast in a startup

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