LLM Transformation is the new Digital Transformation

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June 13, 2023

LLM fluency: what is it, why do tech teams need it, and why should we care about it? LLM transformation is the new digital transformation, and Dan Mason, a principal at Stride, is today's guest to help us understand all we need to know about Large Language Model transformation.

Dan is a prolific product and engineering team leader who's led teams and products at ESPN, People Magazine, Viacom, and more! Dan has put together a course on LLM fluency and so is uniquely positioned to offer tech leaders out there valuable insight on how they can use deep learning techniques and massively large data sets to understand, summarize, generate, and predict new content. 

"Really, what's going on here is just a creative explosion." - Dan Mason

It's about understanding the outlines in the beginning so that by becoming a prompt engineer, you can potentially solve some of the more common customer problems you may be grappling with. 

Engaging LLM so you get to the point of initial utility may be a messy, creative process. Still, the upside of having expertise that builds on itself seems well worthwhile for that initial period of experimentation and understanding. 

Because it's all so new and happening so very fast, host Debbie Madden is just about the perfect host when it comes to bringing it back to her audience (tech leaders) and what they can do to increase their LLM fluency for better team productivity.  

Learn more about the downstream effects of unlocking creativity with LLM and more in this thought-provoking new episode.

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