Expanding Customer Segmentation with Mike Boufford

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May 2, 2023

Mike Boufford is the CTO at Greenhouse, the hiring operating system for people-first companies that enables fair and equitable hiring. And today, he's in conversation with me about how to expand customer segmentation after you've hit your product market fit. Mike wrote his first lines of code at Greenhouse 11 years ago, and he's continued to grow with the company. There's a lot to learn from Mike as he shares his secrets on learning about different aspects of business and the company (and seeing business learning as a hobby), as well as offering up advice for other startups in the tech space.

One example is that you don't have to be all things to all people to succeed as a startup in the tech industry. Making decisions that benefit your business and your customer today, and in six months' time, is what you should be concerned with. Mike illustratively shares examples of different customers, their different demands, and ultimately how Greenhouse defines their Ideal Customer Profile. I'm sure you'll appreciate this episode of Scaling Tech. Please join me.

"When you start seeing really good retention (and) really good conversion rates, that might be an indicator that you should think about where you have more weakness – and try to get stronger there." - Mike Boufford

In This Episode:

- How Greenhouse got its first 200 clients via word of mouth alone

- How does Greenhouse think about customer segmentation?

- How does Greenhouse cater to different customers?

- Appreciating the lesson of 'stop them at the front door'

- Getting clear about your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

- Considering scaling as it pertains to product market fit

- Mike's approach of seeing business as his hobby in order to grow.

And more!

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