Case Study

Redesigned responsive mobile site

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About Saks Fifth Avenue

By offering the finest quality men's and women's fashions, and placing an emphasis on exceptional customer service, Saks Fifth Avenue became the byword for taste and elegance. In 2013, they merged with Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay Company to further establish themselves as one of the leading luxury retailers worldwide.

Saks Fifth Avenue needed Stride Stride Consulting to leverage cutting edge React technology and Agile best practices to create a brilliant responsive site for the luxury retailer. 

Our Shared Problem

Saks Fifth Avenue is known for providing superior customer service in their stores as well as being the global leader when it comes to luxury brands.

Saks wanted to update their existing site with cutting edge technology to further cement their place as the premier online destination for luxury shopping. They needed expert Agile engineers who were savvy with the latest technology to help them execute their vision, which is why they reached out to Stride.

Our Desired Outcomes

  • Redesign a responsive Mobile Site
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Leverage cutting edge React technology and Agile best practices

Our Impact

By applying React.js technology to the existing Saks Fifth Avenue website, we were able to create a dazzling responsive site that not only works across all platforms, but offers a superior customer experience, firmly solidifying Saks as the leading luxury retailer.