Stride Lunch 'n Learn

What are Lunch 'n Learns?

A lunch 'n learn by Stride is a concise educational session that takes place during, you guessed it, lunchtime. Participants are offered the opportunity to learn about specific topics, industry trends, or new technologies while enjoying a meal.

Stride's lunch 'n learns are designed to provide valuable insights and foster professional development in an informal and interactive environment.

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Level your team up, during lunch.

With extensive experience across diverse industries, cutting-edge technologies, and various work methodologies, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field. Stride thrives on tackling new and emerging challenges, often being at the forefront of innovation.

By joining us for a lunch 'n learn, you'll gain access to the latest trends and invaluable expertise that will empower your organization to stay ahead of the curve. Pick from one of our existing topics or propose a new topic via the form above and one of our Partners will follow up with you to put everything together.

Past topics have included:

  • Improve Delivery with LLMs
  • How to Build Your Own LLM
  • How to build AI fluency within your org
  • The Intersection of Design & Engineering
  • Performance Optimization Learnings
  • 7 Lean Principles
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Accessibility
  • Turn your user data into actionable insights
  • Plan your Product Strategy at all the Right Levels with… THE PLANNING ONION!
  • Test-driving in the real world
  • The wonderful world of pairing
  • Testing-Driving Outcomes
  • How to measure what works
  • How Agile is Agile Enough for a Leadership Team
  • Culture Debt - when bad culture happens to good teams
  • The Art of Asking For Help to Get Ahead In Your Career
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Outsourced Technology Vendor

Lunch 'n Learn FAQs

Who should attend our Lunch 'n Learns?

  • Everyone is welcome! Whether you're part of a small group or a large organization, our Lunch 'n Learns are designed to accommodate any audience size. We have conducted engaging sessions with as few as five participants all the way to over 500 attendees. No matter the scale, our interactive sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each audience member. So, whether you're an individual looking to expand your knowledge or a company seeking to inspire your entire team, our Lunch 'n Learns are the perfect platform for you. Join us and unlock a world of learning possibilities, regardless of your group size.

Where do Lunch 'n Learns take place?

  • Lunch 'n Learns have evolved to fit the modern world of remote collaboration. Sessions are conducted seamlessly over platforms like Zoom, or your company's preferred remote collaboration tool (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.).

How long does it take and what is the level of effort involved?

  • We offer a 30 minute preparatory call beforehand. During this call, we will provide you with an overview of the talk, address any questions or concerns you may have, and gather insights to personalize the session specifically for your needs. This collaborative approach allows us to focus on the areas that matter most to you, ensuring that our presentation highlights the topics that are most relevant and engaging for your audience.
  • Our Lunch 'n Learns are designed to be efficient and impactful, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule. The duration can be customized based on your preferences and time constraints, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.
  • Our lunch 'n learns are usually 1 hour total broken into two sections: 25 minutes chat and 25 minutes for questions with 5 minutes of buffer time on each end of the hour.

When can we schedule our Lunch 'n Learn session?

  • Typically, we can arrange a session within 2-4 weeks from the initial conversation. This timeframe allows us to adequately prepare and tailor the content to meet your specific needs. So, whether you're eager to dive into the topic sooner or require a bit more lead time, we're committed to finding a schedule that suits you best. Lunch 'n Learn session.

What does it cost?

  • It’s free!

How can I get the most out of the lunch 'n learn?

  • Invite adjacent team members or people interested in that topic.
  • Post an update to internal slack threads about the lunch 'n learn topic.
  • Leverage time-slots you usually have for lunch and learns or similar get-togethers.
  • Solicit ideas from your team and have them vote on what topic their most interested in, and then fill out the form!

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