LLMs for Health Tech Webinar

Dan Mason, AI practice lead at Stride, is working with our clients to deliver secure LLMs within their own environments and HIPAA compliance.

In this webinar, Dan will answer your questions around how you can go from ideation to implementation.

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This webinar is best for...

  • Product owners
  • Technology leaders

What you'll learn...

“I was and continue to be very excited about the impact Gen AI & LLMs will have on the future. As part of this excitement, I wanted help to educate my organization by level setting on what we mean by Gen AI/LLMs and also show they are viable in my company’s context. Stride provided expertise on Gen AI/LLM & leadership on how to execute a talk, making sure they customized the talk for my organization.. We had over 130 people attend with a large amount of participation through questions from the audience that Stride addressed and clear next steps on how to build off the momentum we had created.”

Hosted by

Dan Mason, Stride's AI Practice Lead

Dan Mason, AI/LLM Practice Lead

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Michael Carlson, Health Tech Practice Lead

Michael Carlson, Health Tech Practice Lead

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