Custom GenAI/LLM Webinar

Dan Mason, Head of AI at Stride, is working with our clients to deliver secure LLMs within their own environments.

In this webinar, Dan will answer your questions around how you can go from ideation to implementation.

“With all the deafening hype around AI, we were looking for guidance, understanding, and, most importantly some actionable context. Stride more than delivered through a customized and relevant learning session for us on Gen AI/LLMs – with over 130 attendees! Stride patiently and diligently engaged our teams, our myriad questions, and provided a clear and exciting path for us to iterate on our journey in this space.”  - Head, Enterprise Data & Analytics for Fortune 500 Food, beverage, health & biosciences company

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This webinar is best for...

  • Product owners
  • Technology leaders

Hosted by

Dan Mason, Stride's AI Practice Lead

Dan Mason, Head of AI

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