Case Study

Uncovering Opportunity to Scale

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About the company*

Our client was a B2B2C biometrics and identification company operating at a national scale and growing rapidly. 


Our client’s engineering organization was rapidly growing to service market demand. The leadership team was concerned that scaling with their existing organization structure and processes created inefficiencies within the business and hindered growth. 


Stride investigated where scaling new teams (Mobile, Platform, Infrastructure, etc.) had blocked teams from making decisions, impeded communication, and slowed down progress.

Stride identified opportunities to optimize the organization to support the client's growth goals by analyzing both organizational structure and product delivery process, from concept to delivery.

Stride took stock of scaled team structure and identified communication, decision-making, and progress impediments throughout the organization. We worked closely with management to identify pain points in the operation of the technical organization and make recommendations for improvement.

A Stride team composed of one Principal Technologist and one Product Principal worked with the client to isolate bottlenecks and impediments emerging from their scaling efforts. The Stride team’s activities included:

  • Executive alignment meeting
  • Introduction to client team to position the Stride engagement
  • Stakeholder identification
  • 1:1 interviews with stakeholders
  • Reviewing key project artifacts, metrics, and quantitative analysis
  • Root-cause analysis


  • Stride provided an independent perspective on how to optimize their processes and organizational structure to support growth and smoothly scale into new verticals.
  • We recommended changes to process and org structure to facilitate the pursuit of growth into new verticals, including specific areas of investment in the client’s platform.
  • Our detailed report identified four key opportunity areas, paired with personalized recommendations for each. These were:
  • Improving rigor of operational support capabilities
  • Investing in their platform to accelerate software delivery
  • Discovery and prioritization approaches
  • Remediating accountability gaps via team realignment around shared incentives


*Due to the sensitive nature of this project we have redacted all identifiable company information.