[Ebook] The Importance of Effective Team Communication

[Ebook] The Importance of Effective Team Communication
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It’s Thursday morning at 10:30am. Kim, Head of Product at Acme Co., confronts Kevin, CTO of Acme Co:

Kim: “Hey, do you have a minute? We’re going to miss our deadline and Adam’s pissed.”

Kevin: “I’d love to help, but we’ve got bugs to fix, and my developers don’t have access to our production systems. So yeah, security is better, but it’s impossible to debug anything. On top of this, we aren’t tracking velocity, so I can’t even give you an estimate of when we’ll be ready even if I tried.”

Kim has a decision to make. Adam, CEO of Acme Co, needs an answer. The board is counting on her to launch in time for their industry trade show next month. Kim and Kevin are both smart, and they know what the roadblocks are. Their teams aren’t communicating, and it’s preventing product from launching on time. What should they do?

In order to succeed, Kim and Kevin have to work together, communicate effectively, and plow through roadblocks.

But the truth is: effective team communication is hard. Yet on the flipside, improving team communication is the most effective thing Kim and Kevin can do this year to give their team the biggest competitive advantage.

Fortunately, we’ve got a proven 5 step process that is easy to implement for any team, that gets to the core of effective team communication. Check out our ebook Improve Team Communication With 5 Easy Steps to get started on your way to effective team communication today!

Debbie Madden

Debbie Madden

Founder & Chairwoman

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