Stride’s Top 5 Recommended Tech Podcasts of 2017

Stride’s Top 5 Recommended Tech Podcasts of 2017
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Podcasts offer a great option for developers to gain great insight while on-the-go, and there are many great podcasts out there for programmers and software developers to learn from. Often, the challenge is finding the right one.

To help get you started, we’ve created a list of our favorite tech podcasts, in no particular order:

1. Python Bytes

Hosted by Python developers Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken, Python Bytes is a weekly podcast to help educate Python developers on the latest news and tools in Python programming in short, 15 - 20 minute episodes.

Episodes to check out:

Check out all of their episodes on iTunes, or follow Python Bytes on Twitter to stay updated!

2. CodeNewbie

CodeNewbie, a community of programmers with varying levels of experience, has a weekly podcast that features members sharing their experiences with coding. This podcast is great for anyone learning to code.

Episodes to check out:

Check out all CodeNewbie’s episodes on iTunes, or follow them on Twitter to stay updated! is an educational resource for programmers to master the many tools, technologies, and processes in the programming world. They host many conferences, online courses, and 9 podcast shows to help educate the community.

Here are the podcasts currently offers:

  • The Ruby Rogues - Weekly discussion with notable programmers and Rubyists, with topics relating to programming, careers, community, and Ruby.
  • Javascript Jabber - This weekly podcast is all about Javascript. Listen in to hear panelists discuss Javascript and its role in front-end development, community, careers, and frameworks.
  • React Native Radio - Weekly discussion of the tools, techniques, and technologies used to build mobile applications with JavaScript and React.
  • Adventures in Angular - Weekly podcast dedicated to the Angular Javascript framework. Also discussed are related technologies, tools, languages, and practices.
  • iPhreaks - A weekly group discussion about iOS development and related technology. Topics include Apple, relevant tools & practices, and code.
  • Freelancers' Show - This show discusses the challenges affecting freelancers. The panel consists of technology freelancers and seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Remote Conference Talks - This feed contains a recording of several talks given at the Remote Conference, an event put on monthly by Topics vary, but range from Ruby to Javascript, community, tools, and tricks.
  • Web Security Warriors - Weekly discussion where developers share insight on keeping websites, data, servers, and other Internet outposts secure.
  • Rails Clips - This is a video podcast series that shows viewers how to build web applications with Ruby on Rails.

You can learn more about, their podcasts, and other educational resources they offer by visiting their website. You can also follow on Twitter to stay updated on their latest postings!

4. .NET Rocks

.NET rocks is a weekly podcast that discusses programming trends & practices on the Microsoft .NET platform. Whether you’re just starting out with this platform or are a seasoned pro, this podcast has something people at all levels can enjoy.

Episodes to check out:

To listen to all episodes, visit their website, or follow hosts Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on Twitter!

5. The Rabbit Hole

Stride’s own podcast, The Rabbit Hole, is the definitive developers podcast. Each week features discussions for developers by developers, about all things technology and software development.

In each episode, our panel of developers does a deep dive into relevant tech topics to help our listeners become better developers.

If you are a software developer or technology leader looking to stay on top of the latest news in the software development world, or just want to learn actionable tactics to improve your day-to-day job performance, this podcast is for you.

To stay updated on the latest episodes, check out The Rabbit Hole on our website, or download all episodes on iTunes or Google Play today!

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