As Postfacto Sunsets, RemoteRetro Rises: Introducing RemoteRetro

As Postfacto Sunsets, RemoteRetro Rises: Introducing RemoteRetro
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Pivotal has announced as of December 4, 2017, will shut down.

Although we are sad to see Postfacto go, Stride is proud to announce the open beta of RemoteRetro! RemoteRetro is a real-time application for conducting retrospectives with distributed teams. RemoteRetro provides an intuitive, safe, and fun experience for tech teams, providing guidance as the retrospective progresses, and automating many common facilitation tasks, including participation tracking, item sorting, and action-item distribution.

The beta is live at, and the code is open-source and available at


Q. Looks cool, but... what's a retro?

A.'Retro' is short for retrospective. A retrospective is one of the core Agile ceremonies. Retrospectives are used by teams to reflect on the events of their past iteration, with the aim of identifying where they can improve and generating action items that will help them make those improvements.

Q. Who can use RemoteRetro?

A. Anyone with a Google account of any kind can enter a retrospective!

Q. My team is entirely colocated. Should we use RemoteRetro?
A. You certainly could, but we don't recommend it, as there's no substitute for face-to-face communication. Use a whiteboard! Read our guidebook on how to run a collocated retrospective.

Q. Why is RemoteRetro open source?

A.The entire software development community stands on the shoulders of giants, and Stride is no exception. We talked it over and were unanimous in our desire to give back to the open source community.

Q. Where can I learn about planned features and updates?

A. Our backlog resides in GitHub issues, which can be viewed in priority order via the wonderful ZenHub Chrome extension.

Q. How many people should participate in a retro?

A. Ideally, a retrospective will contain no more than 10 people. Beyond 10, folks check out because they feel they can go unnoticed. If you can, keep the numbers low!

Q. How can I submit feedback on my experience?

A. Users are presented with a survey at the close of their first retro. Additionally, bugs and feature requests can be filed via GitHub issues at or via email at


Travis Vander Hoop

Travis Vander Hoop

Lead Software Developer

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