Introducing Stride Conductor

A truly autonomous GenAI tool sophisticated enough to code the deepest technical complexities without human prompts

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In a groundbreaking advancement, Stride announces the launch of Stride Conductor, a pioneering product employing Large Language Models (LLMs) to significantly accelerate software development. This innovative tool, designed for both new, existing and legacy codebases, leverages the collaborative power of multiple AI agents, redefining software development efficiency and creativity. Stride Conductor not only shortens development time dramatically but also integrates seamlessly into optimized CI/CD workflows, freeing developers for higher-value tasks.

What We Do

Stride works hand-in-hand with you to build and deliver software that creates lasting value for businesses and users. We’re on the bleeding edge of both GenAI and custom software development, helping you cut through the noise so you can focus on what’s most important to you. We're expert, product minded technologists who go deep to ask the right questions—enabling us to define your needs, deliver tailored solutions, and ensure the end result is built to last.

Striders working
Striders working

Who We Hire

Striders are expert software and GenAI engineers, designers, and product managers who aren't afraid to think differently. And more than that, we bring a love of collaboration and a passion for leaving projects, people, and the world better than how we found them. Sound like you?

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