If you read only one thing about AI/LLMs this week, make it this:

The Rise of the AI Engineer

July 6, 2023

If you only read one thing about AI/LLM this week, make it this: The Rise of the AI Engineer by swyx from Latent Space


- High-power LLMs via API is empowering a novel class of engineers, who can blend traditional machine learning and full-stack app development.
- The skillset required to be an AI Engineer is a mix of dev ops, coding and structure, product sense and systems architecture.
- The barrier to entry is relatively low — developers, product/project managers, designers can all be AI Engineers with a few creative tweaks.

Dan Mason's hot take:

- In the LLM age, the best practitioners are going to be people who can do a little bit of everything, and use LLMs to fill in the gaps.
- The AI Engineer is a great manifestation of how a new role is emerging to bridge previously specialized disciplines — machine learning, full stack engineering, outcome-driven development, etc.

Link to original post by Dan Mason on LinkedIn