If you read only one thing about AI/LLMs this week, make it this:

Open Challenges in LLM Research

August 18, 2023

If you read only one thing about AI/LLM this week, make it this: Open Challenges in LLM Research by Chip Huyen


• As exciting as LLMs are in their current state, there is active research underway to improve them in fundamental ways — including user experience, different data modalities, operational footprint, hardware requirements, etc.
• Some of these current limitations are holding up adoption of LLMs in the real world — especially hallucinations and GPU availability — so this research may help to reduce current chokepoints.
• These are not purely technical problems — they have implications in UX design, organizational workflows and policies, and much more — and the democratization of LLMs has created an explosion of interest, well beyond traditional academic research.

My hot take:

This is just the beginning!

• Last week’s article was light, this one is pretty heavy! Skimming is perfectly acceptable.
• It’s useful to reflect on how we got here — essentially, researchers made bigger and bigger models, using largely traditional machine learning structures (with transformers being a major innovation), until interesting behaviors (and UXes) emerged. Now that we’ve produced a positive result, we can turn attention to refining our approach.
• Improving core weaknesses in today’s LLMs (hallucinations, GPU dependence, high energy usage) and pairing that with new capabilities (multimodal input — images, audio, text, new UXes, more human languages, etc.) will further accelerate the pace of LLM adoption.
• These improvements aren’t just going to come from academia! Real people in the real world are working on these problems, and breakthroughs can and will come from anywhere.

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