6 Week LLM Jumpstart

Deliver a working LLM product integration

Learn how to host, configure and operate an LLM inside your secure cloud environment, and understand cost, performance, resource needs and time to market for LLM-powered applications.

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Understand cost, performance, resource needs and time to market for LLM-powered applications with Stride's 6 Week LLM Jumpstart program.

Together, we’ll build an understanding around interesting use cases, and ultimately, we’ll deliver a working product and/or a list of great ideas for evolving your LLM integration. We can choose from one of three goals, or craft a goal together:

  • Define/Discovery - Define use case & value for an LLM based product, which can be fully built, hosted and locked down to just your internal network, satisfying legal and security requirements.
  • Deliver  - Build a full stack end-to-end LLM based product POC based on what we Defined
  • Evolve -  Provide leave behind artifacts for training, learnings & recommendations based on the define & deliver phases

Like most companies, we were curious & excited about LLMs. We were having a lot informal chats, sharing the latest articles and even did a few spikes. In 6 weeks, Stride empowered the delivery of a fully secure & hosted LLM that allowed our teams to safely start solving business use cases with LLMs - just in time for an upcoming hackathon! - CTO

Our Process


  • Co-creation of product vision board
  • Working software
    - Chat interface with minimal bells/whistles, (hosted inside your VPC if needed)
    - UI enhancements if time permits
  • One LLM integration
    - Model/family TBD (local/hostable if needed)
  • Data ingestion
    - One integration of your choice (e.g. GDrive, Confluence, etc.)
  • Basic documentation of the product & technology stack, and basic training materials for staff to learn about AI/LLMs and how the Jumpstart works
  • Assessment of POC (proof of concept) capabilities with recommendations for future improvements via a product backlog

Let's collaborate.